7th October 2020 Off By Tanya



From the blistering sun of the Australian outback to the soaking rains of the Brazilian rain forests, nothing handles the changing moods of Mother Nature better than WeatherMax.

Utilizing breakthrough UV technology, WeatherMax not only goes the distance with the long term colour retention of traditional acrylic fabrics, but reaches far beyond for superior water resistance and durability. With engineered yarn memory, WeatherMax always maintains a sophisticated appearance and never exhibits unsightly sagging from age, rain or exposure.  Our HydroMax finish means no coatings for a cleaner environment and an excellent breathable fabric, for outstanding mold and mildew resistance.  WeatherMax, a perfect balance of science, toughness and elegance combined to battle the elements and provide the finely balanced outdoor fabric you’ve been wanting … but couldn’t get.  Until now.


Boat Tip

Always overdress, you can always take clothing off and weather conditions on the water are usually different than on land.

Be sure to bring lots of snacks and water. Everyone is happier (especially kids) when they are well fed and extra water aboard is never a bad idea.

Before heading out on the water place things like cell phones, keys, wallets, etc in a waterproof bag or zip lock.

Keep a boating journal. It’ll come in handy later.